Alaska glaciers

Alaska is a destination that features many of Mother Nature's unique formations such as mountains, fjords and glaciers. In fact, seeing several of the state's glaciers is frequently the highlight of an Alaskan cruise.

There are approximately 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, and as a result, they cover about 3 percent of the state's total terrain and make most of Alaska's rivers. Specifically, glaciers are rivers of ice that surge from mountain ice packs. In Alaska's mountains, more snow falls than melts, which causes them to form. Glaciers are always moving. Furthermore, an ice mass can move slowly at a few feet per day, or it can suddenly rush forward by up to 300 feet. Glaciers may also draw back or contracts. Alaska features several stunning glacier destinations that cruise ship passengers should consider viewing.

Glacier bay
Glacier Bay is a large group of fjords and inlets. It also has 16 active tidewater glaciers. The distinctive site is located in the heart of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, which is a 3.2 million acre natural reservation. Glacier Bay's environment is delicate, and the state is working to keep it protected. Therefore, Alaska requires cruise ships to apply for a permit to see the site.

hubbard glacier
In Alaska, the Hubbard Glacier is the longest tidewater ice mass. It reaches out 76 miles from its foundation on Mt. Logan in the Yukon. When cruise ships float past the site, passengers are likely to see a cliff face that is more than 6 miles wide and 300 to 400 feet from the formation's top to sea level. It is also 300 feet from the bottom of the glacier to sea level. While viewing the Hubbard Glacier, travelers will hear it moan and creek since it's shifting. The glacier may even drop enormous ice chunks into the bay, which creates a huge water disturbance.

mendenhall glacier

As one of the most accessible glaciers in Alaska, the Mendenhall Glacier is a landscape element that travelers will appreciate viewing. Visitors can drive to the glacier's lookout point to gain a stunning view of the ice mass. In addition, the site offers several activities like guided hikes, a raft trip down the river and flightseeing adventures.

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