things to do in alaska

Alaska is a diverse state where there are many things to do including sightseeing and unique activities. Sightseeing options include walking, flying and boat tours while the area's activities feature sea kayaking, dogsledding and deep-sea fishing.

helicopter and flightseeing tours

A variety of air travel tours are available depending on the individual preference. For instance, adventure seekers can charter a plan to see grizzly bears in their natural habitat. In fact, they will be close enough to the bears to see them play, eat and sleep. Helicopter tours will take travelers sightseeing over and to many of Alaska's unique landscape elements, such as glaciers, as some areas are unreachable by land.

dogsledding adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in different dogsledding experiences. For instance, tour companies will transport cruise passengers to the dogsledding summer camp to ride in one of the training sleds. Guests at the camp will also have the opportunity to snuggle and hold the puppies.

take pictures of wildlife

In Alaska's state parks, such as Denali, cruise passengers can search for unique picture taking opportunities. Since the state does not allow people to hunt in the parks, the animals tend to be less skittish and may allow photographers to get an ideal close shot. About 1,800 moose journey around the north side of the Alaska range as their favorite food source is plentiful in the area. Wolves, mountain goats and bears also live in the park.


There are many hiking trails that lead to beautiful destinations in Alaska. In fact, cruise ship passengers are likely to find a hiking spot at most of their ports of call that they visit. For instance, in Juneau, outdoor enthusiasts can hike the Nugget Creek Trail, which is about 2.5 miles long. In addition, the trail climbs about 500 feet to the Vista Creek Shelter. During the hike, adventurists will view stunning terrain, and they may see some of Alaska's wildlife.

deep-sea fishing
Deep-sea fishing is one of the state's most popular activities because Alaska features waterways and fish species that are ideal for the sport. Anglers can fish for king salmon, halibut or trout. When a visiting angler is fortunate enough to catch a big fish, the tour company will vacuum pack, flash freeze and ship the fish to the angler's home, which will allow them to cook a fresh fish dinner for their family members and friends upon their return.

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