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Alaska cruises - A Summary

Alaska is the northernmost and westernmost state in the United States and has the most easterly longitude in the United States. Though it is actually part of the mainland U.S., Alaska is not part of the continuous U.S., which is referred to as "the Lower 48". The capital city, Juneau, lies in the North American mainland yet is not associated by road. Many Alaska cruise specials offer land trips to the interior.

Interior of AlaskaAlaska has more coastline than all other U.S. states combined, making it the ideal destination of cruise ships and is the largest state in the United States with an area zone of 663,268 square, more than twice the size of Texas, and comprises a land mass larger than the next three largest states, Texas, California, and Montana. In a nutshell, Alaska is huge.

In the spring, the Inside Passage is lined by endless wildflowers and it's the time of year when large animals migrate such as caribou, deer, bears, antelope and others. Spectacular calving glaciers, whales, pacific white-sided dolphins and Orca are regularly sighted from Alaska cruise ships, close enough to see without the aid of binoculars and near enough to feel the ocean spray as glaciers crash into the ocean.

Excursions from your Alaska cruise from mid-June through late August take advantage of peak daylight hours and heading north of the Arctic Circle, provides a view of the midnight sun.

For those wanting to view the magnificent foliage while experiencing the gathering of bald eagles, early autumn in Alaska provides the best opportunity and as the sun goes down, northern lights dance across the sky. This is also an excellent time to catch a fresh covering of snow high on the mountains.

Once seemingly too remote, state of the art Alaska excursions from your cruise ship now offer a safe and exciting means of travel to this exotic destination in comfort.

The interior is the biggest region of Alaska which is inhabited by a diverse wildlife, with Fairbanks being the largest city. Denali National Park and Preserve are also situated in the interior, accessibly by inland tours which originate from Alaska cruises as an add-on or an all-inclusive Alaska cruise tour. Denali is the most astounding mountain in North America.